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Shawn Case Study

Let me introduce you to Shawn. A firefighter by trade Shawn was unable to do the job he loved so much due to the extreme anxiety he suffered. Shawn had tried just about every intervention available before successfully completing The Thrive Programme with me. Now fully recovered, Shawn is not only back at work and thriving but is living life to the full including being a great husband and devoted father of two.  The key to Shawn’s success was total commitment to the programme and not giving up until he achieved the goal of thriving in life. If Shawn can do it so can you!

Alex Case Study

Let me introduce you to Alex. Alex was suffering from extreme anxiety when I first met him, so much so that he couldn’t leave his flat to fulfill his obligations at work and to do the things he loves so much such as playing tennis and coaching tennis to those who are blind and visually impaired. Alex is visually impaired himself and helps run a charity he set up helping visually impaired and blind people play tennis so it was big deal that Alex wasn’t able to live the life as he wanted due to anxiety.  I’m very pleased to say that Alex has not only made a full recovery but he achieving everything he ever wanted – he’s playing tennis in tournaments and doing well, is taking his charity in new and exciting ways and has recently become a Thrive Programme ambassador promoting the programme officially whenever he can. Alex approached the programme with tremendous dedication and energy showing that anybody can achieve their goals as long as they’re able to put in the effort. Alex is living proof of what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. You too can learn to achieve what Alex has achieved.

David Case Study

Let me introduce you to David. David was a medical student who was doing well in his studies when I first met him but was worrying a great deal about entering the medical profession due to the anxiety he was suffering from. Thankfully, David has now fully recovered and doing very well indeed. He realised early on it the programme that his anxiety related issues were centred primarily around his fear of losing control emotionally. He soon learned, as a result of doing my programme what he needed to do to manage his thoughts and emotions well particularly in situations that were understood to be unpredictable and certain.  David now feels confident and in control of his life. You too can learn to thrive like David.

Will Case Study

Let me introduce you to Will.  Will is a very talented musician with a keen interest in politics.  He was a university student when I first met him but on the brink of leaving due to the intense feelings of depression and anxiety he was feeling at he time.  Will very quickly made a full recovery with my program.  Will actually made the decision to leave university but has since made wonderful progress with his life – he is in a new relationship, has joined an orchestra, run regular seminars in politics for university students and has enrolled on numerous part-time courses to stretch himself intellcectually. Quite an achievement I would say for someone who had no enthusiasm and interest in life when I met him. You too can learnt to thrive like Will.

Chris Case Study

Let me introduce you to Chris.  Chris was a university student when I first met him and he was doing really well academically but struggling in life in general due to the anxiety he was suffering.  Chris successfully overcame the anxiety related issues he was suffering from. He has now successfully graduated from university and is doing really well in his post-graduate studies which also involved some employment. All the issues which were holding him back are holding him back no more. Chris is feeling very confident and self-assured now – he is fully embracing everything that life has to offer and is truly thriving. You too can achieve what Chris has achieved with my program.

Charlie Continues to Thrive

Hi James,

Its been some time since we last spoke, nearly two years. I came to you for help with my IBS and Anxiety because I was struggling a lot with it at University. I thought you might like to know that I successfully graduated from University with a 2:1 and I have now gone to another University to study for a Masters in Economics. I thought you might like to know because without your input none of this would have been possible. What you and the Thrive Programme did for me was nothing short of a miracle and it completely transformed my life for the better. My IBS and anxiety is now under control and I can aim for what I want to achieve in my life, a fact I thought would not have been possible when I first came to you for help. I cannot put into words my gratitude towards you and the Programme as a whole, you have helped me so much and I thank you dearly for that.
I hope you are well.

Kind Regards
Charlie B.

George Continues to Thrive

On the verge of being kicked out of Oxford University for poor attendance, my family and I decided it was time to try something else to help me conquer the depression that I had fallen into. It was at this point that we turned to The Thrive Programme. 

Six months have passed since then and I am now on my way to graduating with a First Class Honors degree from Oxford, something I simply wouldn’t have believed possible back at the start of the academic year. 

I spent 8 weeks working with James, progressing through the Thrive principles, which focused primarily on me changing the limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking styles that were holding me back so I could begin to think positively and effectively once again. Along every step of the way James was so attentive to my every need and would never hesitate to provide extra resources and help whenever I felt I needed them. 

For anyone reading this who has found themselves struggling, as I was, in the high pressured environment of University life, I urge you to go through The Thrive Programme. With the willingness on your end to want to change, it really can make mind blowing changes to the way in which you live your life.

All the best

George M.

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