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Is the Thrive Programme Right for You?

What is The Thrive Programme?

The Thrive Programme is an easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand 6-session evidence-based psychological training programme that teaches people to take control of their mental health and well-being and ultimately their life.

How different is The Thrive Programme to other self-development programmes?

The Thrive Programme is unlike any other self-development or personal development programme. It was developed by British-born psychotherapist Rob Kelly, CEO and founder of the programme based on over 30-years of clinical practice. Rob trained me personally and we continue to work closely together ensuring the programme is delivering what we want it to deliver. The programme, remember is evidence-based. Everything you are asked to do to help you achieve your goal of Thriving in life is based on research. The Thrive Programme really works.

How does the programme work?

The Thrive Programme is a modular structure and is intended to be completed within 6 sessions. The programme can be delivered either face-to-face or on-line via Skype or Zoom. Each session is 90-minutes in duration. All students of the programme are offered catch-up sessions on completion to ensure they are still Thriving. All those enrolling onto the programme are also invited to join my private facebook group where further resources and support will be available.

What kind of on-going support will I get and long does it last?

All those enrolling onto the programme are offered support on a weekly basis in addition to the sessions themselves including tutorial support post-programme to ensure those who complete the programme continue to Thrive!

How much time does the programme take?

The programme is modular and will be completed in approximately 6 weeks with one module being delivered per week. Each weekly session will be 90-minutes in duration.

What happens if I get stuck on the programme at any point?
You mustn’t worry about getting stuck – my job as your tutor, mentor and coach is to teach you, not only how to achieve your goal of Thriving in life but how to manage yourself well as a student including the development of effective study skills including the ability to keep yourself going through times of difficulty. I will be on-hand throughout your time on the programme to offer you advice, guidance and support should you get stuck or find yourself struggling. I will also ensure, on completion of the programme that you have the ability to self-coach, to be able to ‘unstick’ yourself should you need to do so.

Who is Perfect for the Programme:

Who is right for the programme?

The programme is for those who are totally committed to engaging in the process of change. If you’ve tried to help yourself in the past and made little progress, if you’ve tried therapy, counselling or any other form of intervention and found they didn’t work for you then I would love to meet you because The Thrive Programme is completely different to anything you’ve tried before.

Who is not right for the programme?

The programme is not right for you if your looking for a magical, quick-fix solution that doesn’t require any effort on your part.  There is no such thing as instant change but you can definitely learn to Thrive really quiet quickly if and only if you’re prepared to put in the effort to do so.

The Final Details :

How much does the programme cost?
Firstly, you need to see the programme, not as a cost but as an investment in your health, well-being and future. I can show you everything you need to know to completely change your life – you can’t really put a price on that can you! Secondly, you will have no trouble financing your development if you truly value what the programme has to offer. So, it’s really a question of perceived value – if you value what the programme can get for you not only will you have no trouble justifying the expense but you’ll find the experience priceless.
I have tried many interventions in the past in attempt to overcome the issues that concern me but nothing has worked – I’m no better now than ever. How will I know this programme will work for me?
I know, I get it – you tried lots of different interventions in the past and your no better off but the thing is you haven’t tried The Thrive Programme before have you? The Thrive Programme is completely different to anything you’ve tried so far. What I offer isn’t therapy or counselling. Nor do I offer a ‘quick-fix’ solution for those who want instant change without having to put in the effort. If you do The Thrive Programme than you will be asked to make a total commitment to the process and to try your very best without giving up easily. That said, you also need to understand that The Thrive Programme is fun, informative and hugely enjoyable – you’ll have a great time and learn loads. The Thrive Programme, you need to understand is an evidence-based psychological training programme – it’s based, not only on real psychology but what we know really works when it comes to learn to Thrive. You’ll love it!
Your based in the UK but I live in North America. Is that a problem?
No, that’s not a problem. I do work with clients face-to-face in my clinic in Cambridge but most of my work is conducted with individuals and groups on-line via Skype or Zoom. I work with clients throughout the World so location or time difference is not a problem for me.
Is the programme absolutely guaranteed to work?
I’m a very experienced coach, mentor, teacher and trainer – I’ve helped literally 1,000s of people improve the quality of their lives over the years. I can show you everything you need to know to Thrive.  However, in order for the programme to be a success you will need to commit fully to doing the programme as instructed, work cooperatively with me, be totally committed and promise not to give easily. Given the right attitude there is no reason why you shouldn’t achieve your goal 100%.

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