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Personal & Business Growth

Personal and Business Growth is a show created and produced by Massimo Gaetani, a Cambridge (UK) based coach, mentor and entrepreneur.

Most episodes are in interview format and they host Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Freelances, exploring their journey to their Personal and Business Growth. As there is no such a thing as overnight success Massimo is asking his guests about their experience, successes, mistakes and valuable advice which others can follow.


Coaching Connector

Social anxiety can hinder anyone from living life to fullest for it creates a stack of fear and lack of self-confidence. Dealing with it causes avoidance of social encounters, and overcoming it takes a lot of internal and psychological work. James Woodworth is the man for the job when it comes to getting past this struggle…..


Mental Health

Men Are Nuts a podcast about mental health in society. Mental health the causes the effects the remedies. Let’s bring men together to talk, as you never know we might just save a life.


3 Steps to Thrive

“We need to believe. We need to believe that we have the skills and resources to be able to achieve what we set out to achieve.

…the importance of having empowering, helpful, healthy, beneficial beliefs. Beliefs that help us create the life we want.”


Business strategy + a powerful psychology = SUCCESS

Successful entrepreneurs, it goes without saying have a strong business acumen – they understand strategy. But they also understand, just as importantly, the value of having a helpful, healthy, beneficial _mind-set_. It this interview, with the business strategist Ignacio Perez, James talks about the importance, for those in business of having a powerful, resourceful psychology. Because if you do, says James, you’ll grow not only your business but your mind.


“Clare Ford interviews James for her Home Education Hub Facebook group podcast. Clare, like James is passionate about education, teaching and learning and staying mentally healthy particularly due times of challenge and difficulty..”

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