Boost Your Social Confidence

Overcome Your Shyness at Work and Thrive

Boost Your Social Confidence

Overcome Your Shyness at Work and Thrive

Communicate With Ease

Start and hold conversations without awkwardness. Learn to talk comfortably without feeling judged. Ask and answer questions comfortably in meetings.

Embrace Challenges

Learn to step up to challenging situations, rising above the fear of rejection and criticism. Go beyond your self-consciousness to feeling empowered and in control.

Positive Relationships

Begin the journey of liking and respecting yourself. Invite experiences of being likeable and liked. Recognise that you are trusted and can trust yourself.

Being Good Enough

Give up self-defeating perfectionism to build self-acceptance and self-approval. Skyrocket your self-esteem to take risks and grab new opportunities.

About Us

About Us

Like you I’m an introvert and, moreover I’m proud of it. However, I’m not shy – although I used to be. For years I suffered from crippling social anxiety. I felt weird, awkward and out of place. But not anymore. I coached myself to overcome the problems I was facing and I did this by identifying what I really feared – fear itself. I made it a habit to face my fears rather than avoid them. I now handle social situations with ease that used to scare me before. I’ve learned to trust myself, to believe in myself and to know that I am ‘good enough.’ I also found the solution to great social confidence – my passion – to help shy guys just like me to overcome their fears.

I am now a licensed Thrive consultant, a unique psychological training program that helped me. I use it to help men overcome their shyness and build great social confidence and truly thrive, both at home and at work.

Super Specialised Approach

You are unique, special and more than good enough. As a coach, I like to begin with setting individualized goals tuned to your specific needs. We also work on identifying your strengths and highest values fundamental to your motivation and your ability to follow through on the program.

Coaching in the Comfort of Home

As a shy person, I know you would appreciate being coached within the security of your home environment. Using online platforms such as Skype and Zoom, we will be establishing a relationship between us and following a coaching plan, so that you are supported at a time that works for you.

Unique Skills Programme to Help You Thrive

To master your own mind and life is the true intention of any real coaching. Using an evidence-based psychological training program of 90-minute sessions conducted over approximately 7 weeks, I will be guiding you into identify limiting beliefs and learning how to transform them to affect behavioral changes.

Our Clients


“Thanks to James I now have the confidence and self-belief I once lacked. I was so shy and self-conscious when I first contacted James I won’t reveal my face to him. I was embarrassed, ashamed and felt the whole world was against me. Thankfully all that has now changed. I’m very confident now. Thanks.”


“Before meeting James my situation was really quite severe. I was having panic attacks on a daily basis. However, my life now is so much better thanks to James. I’ve learned to believe in myself and to know that I am likeable and worthwhile person. I’ve still got work to do but I genuinely believe that my life will just get better and better as my self-belief and confidence grows.”


“I came across James following a recommendation. I’m a tennis coach and charity worker but extreme anxiety was stopping me from living my life to the full. The panic attacks I experienced knocked my confidence enormously and I came to believe that my life would never be the same again. Thanks James.”


“I used to feel really awkward around people. In fact I used to avoid people as much as I could. This had a serious impact upon my life. Thankfully all of that has now changed. I feel a lot more positive about myself and more socially confident now. I’m interacting with people and enjoying their company more. I’ve done some presentations in public and performed my music in public too which I couldn’t have done before. Life is good. Thanks James.”

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Boost Your Social Confidence

Overcome Your Shyness at Work and Thrive

Boost Your Social Confidence

Overcome Your Shyness at Work and Thrive