The Thrive Program





A plant could be said to be thriving when it has all it needs to flourish to its full potential including sufficient rain, sunshine, shelter and of course rich, nutritious soil. Deprived of these conditions a plant would struggle to survive.

We are very much the same in that we too need the right conditions if we are to truly thrive in life. These conditions may be environmental and relational up to a point including having, for example, a comfortable and secure home, a job we enjoy and the love and support of family and friends.

But these factors are not necessary enough – we also need to create certain conditions for ourselves including, for example having the right mental attitude and mind-set. We may, for example have all we need materialistically including a great job and a good income. We may have some great friends and a loyal and loving family and yet, despite all of this we may find we are still desperately unhappy due in part to our lack of social confidence. We avoid social situations due to feelings of awkwardness and discomfort; the thought that others might disapprove of us, criticise us or judge us harshly fills us with dread; hypervigilance and self-consciousness keeps us on our toes checking everything we say in case we say the wrong thing; our lives are blighted by worry, stress and anxiety. If this sounds like you then it’s time for you to change! It’s time for you to thrive!





Those who thrive make the most of life – they’re optimistic, positive and goal-orientated. Thriving individuals are grateful and appreciative, they maintain great perspective and manage their thinking well which means they tend not to suffer low moods, extreme stress, worry or anxiety. The robustness of their attitude means it’s okay to fail and make mistakes from time to time because this is how we learn.

Thriving individuals don’t avoid or seek safety from potentially challenging situations but embrace life and all that life has to offer.  They’re buoyant, enthusiastic and have a ‘can do’ attitude. Those who thrive are open-minded, flexible and goal-orientated – they tend not to dwell on the past, look forward to the future and recover quickly from set-backs.  Those who thrive believe in themselves and in their ability to do well – they like themselves, look after themselves and hold themselves in high self-regard.  It goes without saying that those who thrive have high self-esteem, are self-accepting and have great social confidence!

Interestingly, those who thrive tend not to be self-righteous, boastful or egotistical.  On the contrary, thriving individuals tend to be modest, calm, humble and unassuming.  They are, in other words quietly confident.  The stability of their inherent sense of self-worth and self-belief means they’re unlikely to need or seek approval – they appreciate honest feedback and learn from what others say but they’re also able to assess and validate themselves with great accuracy. They are self-aware, emotionally intelligent individuals who treat themselves and others well.





Those who choose to work with me complete a unique, psychological training programme called the Thrive Programme. The programme, which is usually completed in just 7 – 8 weeks helps the individual build and maintain great social confidence through the development of specific skills, abilities, attitudes and competencies.  Effective social and communication skills are developed through improved psychological and emotional insight.

Independent study supports the weekly coaching sessions.  Learning intentions are set and achievement and progress assessed with feedback given. Although structured, purposeful and goal-orientated the programme is also intended to be challenging, hugely enjoyable and very informative.

On completion of the course the client will be able to coach themselves to even greater social confidence.  Learning does end with the completion of the course.  On the contrary, the thrive programme is the just the start of what will become a thoroughly satisfying and fulfilling life for the client.

James Woodworth
ATPC BA. MA. MPhil. MEd (Cantab.)

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